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Innovative, passionate and devoted to empowering people from all walks of life, Jamaal "JL" Jackson has become a dynamic change agent in this generation, touching the lives of people across generational and social lines. As a husband, proud father, pastor, community advocate, bishop and an inspiration to those he encounters, JL is affecting change nationally and internationally. With his warm infectious personality and love for people, he has the ability to reach the masses with his unique creativity.

To engage and connect people to resources that will help them discover their potential and use it to create a positive change in their families, businesses, faith, and communities has become his mission. With tenacious determination, strength and passion, JL hopes and desires that through his work others are able to sense his love for humanity and compelled to strengthen their relationships with each other. With a heavy civic and community involvement, he is utilizing developmental tools to build the lives of people not just in his immediate community, but in the city.

JL is the Lead Pastor of ReFreshing Church, which serves as a community-based Church Connecting People, ReFreshing Faith, and Serving Others.  Prior to leading this growing congregation, he served with his father, Bishop Delmar Jackson, as the Executive Pastor and Youth Pastor at Abundant Grace Assembly in Roanoke, and he also served as the Lead Pastor of OutPour Church in Martinsville, VA.

​He serves globally as a Bishop of the Lively Stone Fellowship of Churches, with the episcopal responsibility of  overseeing 50 churches within the Eastern USA, Bahamas, Kenya, and Haiti. 

Additionally, Bishop Jackson is an active member of his community as a Community Advocate.  He has served as a past City Youth Services Citizens Board Member, and a City Council Appointed member of the City of Roanoke Task Force to Reduce Gun Violence. He presently serves as a Chaplain for the Roanoke City Police Department, a registered Chaplain for the Clerk of Circuit Courts, The Vice Chair of the Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates Board, a board member for the Peacemakers of Roanoke, a member of the Roanoke Chapter of the SCLC and the NAACP, a founding member of Black Millennials of Roanoke (BMOR), and the organizer of Connected Pastors of Roanoke (CPR). 


While dedicated to the purpose and plan God has for his life, JL’s first ministry is to his wife Porshia and their 3 daughters. Together, this devoted husband and wife team empower people to become who they were created to be.

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